Learning PHP Design Patterns

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    Author : William Sanders
    Publisher's : O'Reilly Media
    Edition : First
    Published on : March 4, 2013
    ISBN-10 : 1449344917
    ISBN-13 : 978-1449344917
    Language : English
    No of Page : 362
    Book Formate : PDF
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    Compression : 7z

    About the Author :
    Dr. William B. Sanders is a Professor of Multimedia Web Design and Development at the University of Hartford. He teaches courses in PHP, MySQL, C#, SQL, HTML5, CSS, and ActiionScript 3.0 among other Internet languages. He co-authored ActionScript 3.0 Design Patterns (O’Reilly, 2007) and has been actively working with design patterns in PHP for several years. He has published 45 computer and computer-related books, written software ranging from Basic to Assembly Language to Flash Media Server and served as a consultant and beta tester for different computer software companies including Macromedia and Adobe. He also is an Apple iOS Devloper.

    Book Description :
    Build server-side applications more efficiently—and improve your PHP programming skills in the process—by learning how to use design patterns in your code. This book shows you how to apply several object-oriented patterns through simple examples, and demonstrates many of them in full-fledged working applications.

    Learn how these reusable patterns help you solve complex problems, organize object-oriented code, and revise a big project by only changing small parts. With Learning PHP Design Patterns, you’ll learn how to adopt a more sophisticated programming style and dramatically reduce development time.

    Learn design pattern concepts, including how to select patterns to handle specific problems
    Get an overview of object-oriented programming concepts such as composition, encapsulation, polymorphism, and inheritance
    Apply creational design patterns to create pages dynamically, using a factory method instead of direct instantiation
    Make changes to existing objects or structure without having to change the original code, using structural design patterns
    Use behavioral patterns to help objects work together to perform tasks
    Interact with MySQL, using behavioral patterns such as Proxy and Chain of Responsibility
    Explore ways to use PHP’s built-in design pattern interfaces
    Table of Contents :
    Part I: Easing into the Fundamentals of Design Patterns

    Chapter 1. PHP and Object-Oriented Programming
    Chapter 2. Basic Concepts in OOP
    Chapter 3. Basic Design Pattern Concepts
    Chapter 4. Using UMLs with Design Patterns
    Part II: Creational Design Patterns

    Chapter 5. Factory Method Design Pattern
    Chapter 6. Prototype Design Pattern
    Part III: Structural Design Patterns

    Chapter 7. The Adapter Pattern
    Chapter 8. Decorator Design Pattern
    Part IV: Behavioral Design Patterns

    Chapter 9. The Template Method Pattern
    Chapter 10. The State Design Pattern
    Part V: MySQL and PHP Design Patterns

    Chapter 11. A Universal Class for Connections and a Proxy Pattern for Security
    Chapter 12. The Flexibility of the Strategy Design Pattern
    Chapter 13. The Chain of Responsibility Design Pattern
    Chapter 14. Building a Multidevice CMS with the Observer Pattern

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