iPhone SDK Programming A Beginner’s Guide

    Book Details
    Author : James Brannan
    Publisher's : McGraw-Hill
    Edition : First
    Published on : July 13, 2009
    ISBN-10 : 0071626506
    ISBN-13 : 978-0071626507
    Language : English
    No of Page : 368
    Book Formate : PDF
    File Size : 8.77 MB
    Compression : 7z

    About the Author :
    James A. Brannan has more than 16 years experience in IT. He has programmed using everything from AWK to Objective-C, including stints as a web designer and Oracle PL/SQL developer. James currently works full time as an independent iPhone and iPad developer. He is the author of four books, including iPhone SDK Programming: A Beginner’s Guide and Objective-C for iPhone Programmers: A Beginner’s Guide, both from McGraw-Hill.

    Book Description :
    Develop your own iPhone applications

    Ideal for non-Mac programmers, this introductory guide shows developers how to create applications for the world’s most popular smart phone. You will learn how to use a modified version of the Mac development environment, the Objective-C programming language, and the Xcode development tools.

    Nearly every chapter of iPhone SDK Programming: A Beginner’s Guide consists of a self-contained project, with the corresponding Xcode available for download and modification. The book is designed around the concept of accomplishing specific, discrete programming tasks for deployment on the iPhone.

    Table of contents
    1 Introduction to iPhone
    2 iPhone Development Tools
    3 Objective-C Fundamentals
    4 Cocoa and Core Foundation Fundamentals
    5 Your First iPhone Application
    6 iPhone User Interface
    7 iPhone Address Book
    8 Using Date and Time
    9 Reviewing Numbers on iPhone
    10 File Management
    11 Preferences
    12 Location and Motion
    13 Graphics
    14 Basic Animation
    15 Audio and Video
    16 Networking
    17 Security
    18 Debugging, Testing, and Deployment

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