Android Design Patterns: Interaction Design Solutions for Developers

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    Author : Greg Nudelman
    Publisher's : Wiley
    Edition : First
    Published on : March 11, 2013
    ISBN-10 : 1118394151
    ISBN-13 : 978-1118394151
    Language : English
    No of Page : 456
    Book Formate : ePub
    File Size : 59.9 MB
    Compression : RAR

    About the Author :
    Greg Nudelman is a Mobile Experience Strategist and CEO of DesignCaffeine, Inc. For more than 15 years he has helped clients such as eBay, WebEx, Wells Fargo, PayPal, Safeway, Cisco, IBM, Associated Press, and Groupon amass millions of satisfied customers. Greg is an internationally acclaimed design workshop leader who authored Designing Search: UX Strategies for eCommerce Success (Wiley, 2011) and has contributed to a half-dozen UX design books.

    Book Description :
    Master the challenges of Android user interface development with these sample patterns
    With Android 4, Google brings the full power of its Android OS to both smartphone and tablet computing. Designing effective user interfaces that work on multiple Android devices is extremely challenging. This book provides more than 75 patterns that you can use to create versatile user interfaces for both smartphones and tablets, saving countless hours of development time. Patterns cover the most common and yet difficult types of user interactions, and each is supported with richly illustrated, step-by-step instructions.

    Includes sample patterns for welcome and home screens, searches, sorting and filtering, data entry, navigation, images and thumbnails, interacting with the environment and networks, and more
    Features tablet-specific patterns and patterns for avoiding results you don’t want
    Illustrated, step-by-step instructions describe what the pattern is, how it works, when and why to use it, and related patterns and anti-patterns
    A companion website offers additional content and a forum for interaction
    Android Design Patterns: Interaction Design Solutions for Developers provides extremely useful tools for developers who want to take advantage of the booming Android app development market.
    From the Back Cover :
    Everything you need to create a spectacular mobile experience!
    The state of the Android ecosystem right now is the perfect storm, combining the factors for explosive near-term growth and long-term market dominance. Now’s the time to begin designing and developing Android 4 apps, and this book is about what works: patterns.

    Here are 58 essential interaction design patterns for handling the most challenging aspects of Android app design: the welcome experience, home screen, navigation, search, sorting and filtering, data entry, and forms. Equally important are 12 antipatterns, describing common mistakes to avoid in your quest for customer empowerment, delight, and enjoyment. Here’s everything you need to create a spectacular mobile experience.

    In-depth review of 58 essential native Android 4 patterns
    A complete methodology for building and user-testing effective, inexpensive prototypes
    Case studies of what works and what doesn’t
    Android interpretations of great ideas from other mobile operating systems
    Chapters devoted to key design patterns for mobile banking and tablets
    Experimental patterns to explore the cutting edge of Android design

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